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DD 3096

4/30/24  3 year old DD is still waiting for her furever family.

This sweet and quiet girl has come such a long way with our incredible foster after being found in Miami left to fend for herself for months. She loves playing fetch with her foster brother, loves playing with her kong tovs and taking in all the smells on her walks.

She loves her crate and is a very easy and calm dog.

DD thrives and is playful in the company of other dogs so another dog is a must for DD as well as a very secure fenced in yard. She needs a patient and understanding adopter who will give her time to adjust to her new surroundings. Because she is so auiet and calm she is ideal for someone who works from home. Won't you take a chance on DD? She has been waiting a super long time.

3/5/24.   DD is improving every day. She is a sweet, low maintenance, quiet girl who will be a perfect playmate for another pup. She loves to play with other dogs and is learning to play with dog toys and becoming more affectionate with humans. Fence required for our previously stray pups. 

1/12/24. She is a sweet, quiet and gentle girl who was found wandering alone in Miami fending for herself.  She  is learning to trust humans again with help of her foster brother Ollie.  She walks nicely on a leash.  She likes other dogs, big and small and is quite playful with them. Unknown about cats . A patient loving adopter who understands her and gives her time to trust will be ideal adopter for this beauty.  

12/9/23  DD. This beautiful shy young dober girl was wandering the Redlands alone for months before being rescued by DRL. Who knows what suffering she may have endured. She is very sweet and timid, but with love and patience will flourish. She will do wonderfully with a dog. She kissed other dogs through the fence and likes both males and females.

8/6/23 Found in Redlands, trapped and very frightened.

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